Exhibition Room

Coinciding with the initiation of the C. R. Educational Program, an exhibition room has been opened on the second floor of building E in the Chikushi campus, Kyushu University. Around 50 objects are on display; all these objects are fossils obtained from coal mines from different regions of Japan. Besides, there are various panels explaining the techniques for effectively using fossil fuels. The exhibits educate visitors on the mining of fossil resources and the technologies used in power generation, steel, coal, and oil industries and also novel technologies that will be put to practical use in the future. Information on global environmental problems, energy policies, and research underway at Kyushu University are on display. We hope that visitors these exhibits interesting..
Visitors interested in visiting exhibition may please contact the Center’s office in advance.


2nd Floor, Building E, Chikushi Campus

Display Details

  • Quantity and distribution of carbon resources, supply chain
  • Origin, growth, and special features of coal
  • Coal burning, thermal electric power generation
  • Coal refinement technology, direct liquification
  • Coal gasification, indirect liquification
  • Use of coal in steel plants, use of carbonization by-products
  • Oil refining, effective utilization
  • Nonconventional fossil fuels
  • Global environmental problems
  • Energy policies, related projects
  • Introduction to activities carried out at Kyushu University and brief introduction to C. R. Educational program

The Center is thankful for the cooperation extended by various business firms and institutions.
For inquiries regarding visiting the exhibition room
C. R. Educational Program Office
TEL: 092-583-7634
FAX: 092-583-7614
E-mail: coal(a)cm.kyushu-u.ac.jp