Collaboration Projects

International and Regional Collaborations

a)Industry and University Collaboration:

The Center is actively involved in advanced joint research with affiliated research institutions and companies. A specific example of cooperation within the country for carbon resource research, the Center is involved in the Innovative Zero-emission Coal Gasification Power Generation Project with the Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, Kyushu Institute of Technology, Fukuoka Women’s University, Hokkaido University, Gunma University, and Kyoto University.
In order to increase collaborations, the Center has started preparations to form a business consortium.

b)Regional Collaboration:

The Center is increasing local collaboration through close cooperation with research and related institutions sharing with the same objectives.
Special attention is being paid to the development of “low-carbon systems,” which are touted as a solution to the energy and environmental problems. The Kyushu Society for Low-carbon Systems was established in September 2008 with the cooperation of local government, business firms, and other organizations in Kyushu.
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c)International Cooperation:

The Asian continent, which is rich in carbon resources, faces various problems related to the effective use of carbon resources and other environmental issues. The Center is involved in international collaborations within Asia, mainly with India, Indonesia, China, and Korea. In particular, through academic partnership agreements with Institut Teknologi Bandung and Gadjah Mada University in Indonesia and Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China joint research programs and student exchange programs have been initiated. Similar programs are underway with the Korea Institute of Energy Research and Monash University in Australia.
Focused research is carried out in specific fields for upgrading coal program in Australia and Indonesia, heavy oil treatment program in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, biomass project in Southeast Asia, environment conservation project in China and materials science project in South Korea,respectively.
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