Educational Program

The sustainable use of carbon resources, global environmental problems, and limited reserves of carbon resources in Asia are the topics to be focused on in the research. However, there is a shortage of manpower to support the educational programs, particularly young people. Taking into account these points, the Center aims to create an interdisciplinary curriculum related to carbon resources and develop of the teaching material and practical course content. Hence, in order to train young researchers so as to enable them to work anywhere in the world, particularly in Asia, the GCOE NCRS Program was initiated, in tandem with the C. R. Educational Program.

Novel Carbon Resource Sciences

Educational Program under GCOE NCRS Program
This program involves the development of human resources with the following three aims.

(1) Efficient utilization of carbon resources (i.e., coal, oil, natural gas, biomass, etc.) [Efficient Resource Utilization]
(2) Development and utilization of new carbon-based materials and devices that will result in the evolution of a low energy consumption society [Energy Saving Materials]
(3) Introduction and implementation of environment policies and prediction, measurement, and remediation of global environmental changes
[Global Environment Conservation]
The goal of this program is to intensively develop a transdisciplinary educational framework and train young researchers with the help of academic institutions, business firms, international organizations, or government, by imparting them with the basic academic knowledge”
For this purpose, PhD programs for systematic development of skills necessary for researchers and engineers such as planning and debating skills, research skills, and practical skills through international internships.
At the same time, for postdoctoral fellows, opportunity to independently plan and carry out advanced research, and an original program for the education of young researchers are provided.

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Advance Education Program for Effective Utilization of Fossil Fuels

Advanced Education for Effective Utilization of Carbon Resources (C. R. Educational Program)
This program is conducted by Kyushu University in collaboration with industries, government, and academia for the effective use of fossil fuels such as coal. Adopting an interdisciplinary approach, lectures on the fundamental concepts in basic sciences are combined with on-site training, and the teaching material is comprehensive and practical. Practical methods that can be applied in fields related to the use of fossil fuels will be included in the curriculum, and joint research will be carried out in collaboration with industries. Even international collaborations will be worked out with overseas internships. The curriculum and teaching material will be examined and refined in order to impart practical knowledge to personnel working in carbon related fields so that that can easily solve real problems.

  • Lecturers: Appointed 24 lecturers from Kyushu University and over 110 lecturers from 59 different companies
  • Subjects: conversion process, basic energy engineering, energy production technology, global environment conservation, and energy- environment social sciences
  • Tenure: 2007–2009; implementing temporary courses in developing and reviewing of teaching materials, from 2010; holding teaching courses