Research Activities

Research Objectives

a) Division of Carbon Resource Sciences

Development of fundamental carbon resources science focusing on coal, oil, biomass and gas. Conducting advanced research in the field of applied science and technology, earth science, carbon resource engineering, geological science, and chemical science.

b) Division of Carbon Resource Energy Sciences

Development of fundamental technologies for conversion of energy and processing of carbon resources, using conversion processes such as gasification and liquification,. Focus will be on the fundamental concepts of mechanical and chemical engineering related to combustion and advanced fundamental research.

c) Division of Carbon Resource Utilization

Development of techniques for the efficient utilization of CO, hydrogen mixture, aromatic compounds, new functionalized materials, and highly functionalized carbon materials. Environment conservation will also be a focus point.

d) Division of Carbon Resource Policy and Social Sciences

Development of fundamental concepts and technologies to scientifically predict and accurately measure global environmental changes caused by the use of fossil fuels such as coal. Elucidation and prediction of energy and environmental changes in the Asian continent using the developed tools. Introduction and implementation of new environment policies.

Research Division Research Topic
Division of Carbon Resources Sciences

  • Carbon Resource Production
  • Carbon Resource Environment
  • Carbon Resource Science
Reformation of biomass and low-rank coal
Advanced processing of carbon resources
Measurements of environmental load of biomass
Combustion of coal
Capturing and storage of greenhouse gases
Development of resources with low environmental load
Division of Carbon Resource Energy Sciences

  • Energy Conversion
  • Thermal Energy Use
  • Thermophysical Property Measurement
  • Energy Science
Thermal analysis of coal conversion process
Energy conservation by using carbon fibers
Catalytic gasification/liquification of coal
Heat transfer analysis, heat environment analysis
Effective use of heat energy
Division of Carbon Resource Utilization

  • Carbon Utilization
  • Resource Material Development
  • Environmental Conservation
  • Resource Recycling
Efficient utilization of carbon materials
Effective utilization of coal gas
Preparation of advanced inorganic materials
Development of gas sensors
Development of new energy devices
Social Sciences

  • Environmental Economics Development
  • Environment Prediction
  • Environmental Policy Implementation
  • Environment Management
Mathematical analysis of environmental policies
Analysis of international environmental agreements
Economic development and environmental response
Analysis of atmospheric environment data
Evaluation of effect of pollution on weather