Thinking about the reduction of CO2 emission

Tooru Matsumiya    Nippon Steel Corporation

So called “Cap & Trade” is being advocated to compensate the unfilled part of the target value for the reduction of the CO2 emission in “2010” among the nations which ratified COP3 Kyoto Protocol even if they keenly make every efforts for that. On the other hand, the member nations, which cooperated for the emission reduction in the framework of Kyoto Protocol, are limited (Their steel production occupies only 40% of the world production.) and U.S.A. who emitted the most among the world is not the member. Read more… »


Development of Clean Coal Technology and Human Resource

Keiji Makino    Japan Coal Energy Center

A three-years education project for the Advanced Education for Effective Utilization of Fossil Resources has started in Kyusyu University from 2007, and I had an opportunity to work as an adviser from the beginning period of this project. I had worked as a technical staff in a heavy industry company for forty years before I recently moved to the government center of JCOAL (Japan Coal Energy Center). My major careers in the heavy industry were engagement in the structural design of effective boilers, the development of CCT (Clean Coal Technology) / CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) technologies, and long-term of experiences obtained by working in other energy-related fields. It was my great pleasure to get an honored offer for the position of adviser in the project. Read more… »


What about prospects and issues of fossil fuel use?

Takeo Yamada    Adviser

It was in April 1978 that I was involved in coal for the first time. After experienced10 year work as a process engineer in petrochemical plants, I have been on loan to Japan Coal Liquefaction Development Company (JCLD) to participate in Exxon Donor Solvent Coal Liquefaction Process Development Project since then. Read more… »